Multitasking Mountain Essentials

Outwit Ma Nature with this dual-use gear.

Golden Domer

a helmet is just a helmet. Other times, it’s the German-engineered

Bogner Ski Gold Rush Helmet, and is made of polycarbonate in a single

monocoque construction, lined with suede, and wearable while defending

Troy from invading Greeks. ($650,

Show Suit
The Helly Hansen Survival Suit protects you from the elements with breathable-yet-waterproof materials, a RECCO reflector to help ski patrol find your bloated corpse in an avalanche, and 12 pockets for stashing gear. A below-the-waist, horizontal zipper makes for easy bathroom breaks and gondola quickies. ($700, hellyhansen

Split Happens
Voile invented the splitboard, and now it’s made the best. The new Mojo divides into two ski-like planks that, outfitted with grippy nylon climbing skins, allow you to hike up back-country hills. To head down, form it up Voltron-style into an all-mountain beast. ($825,

Death Watch
On the lift, use the Suunto Core to check for storm alarms so you and your friends can avoid meeting the Donner Party’s fate. On the slope, track your altitude descent and individual run times to determine the rate at which you’re meeting Sonny Bono’s fate. ($275–$649,

Let It Slide
The Hammerhead Sled has an assload of available accessories like a cargo net, so you can haul camping gear and frozen carcasses. Plus, it’s a toy for grownups, with an ergonomic chassis and responsive steering. So trade up from that garbage can lid. ($299,

Pack It In
The best runs are often in the backcountry, and the CamelBak Menace makes the hiking less painful. Strap in your snowboard and find your descent, or fill the 68-ounce hydration pack with a 1982 Bordeaux and toast your hard work on the peak. ($80, back