People Are Really Mad About This Mural of a Burger Filled With People Having Sex

And they need to chill. 

When I first saw this mural of an orgy happening inside a gigantic cheeseburger, it awakened a latent sexual fantasy I never knew I had.

I pulled out my phone. “Siri,” I said. “Please add ‘have wild group sex while sandwiched inside a 40 foot tall burger’ on my sexual bucket list right under ‘eat an entire pizza while someone goes down on me.’”

“There are five pizza places within a ten block radius,” she responded.

I threw my phone across the room and set out to learn more about the beautiful sex burger of my dreams.


Sep 30, 2015 at 5:15am PDT

“Kama Sutra Burger,” which was completed on Tuesday night, was painted by artist Mike Makatron on an empty art wall in on a Rathdowne Fabrics store in Melbourne, Australia.

“[It’s] some kind of comment on how media uses sex to sell anything, especially women’s bodies,” Makatron told Mashable. “It’s a mash up celebration of human diversity, body shapes, colours and tastes of all types of people.”

Indeed, the mural depicts people of various genders and races getting it on in between melting cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. But who the hell invited the toxic sludge monster voiced by Tim Curry in the 1992 movie Ferngully (bottom right corner) to the orgy? I hate it when that happens.


Sep 30, 2015 at 5:15am PDT

By Wednesday morning, the mural inspired complaints from the local community who woke up and realized they had to live amongst the burger fucking.

A spokesperson for the Moreland City Council, the agency responsible for fielding such complaints, told Mashable, “Nudity is not obscene, the part of the mural that is obscene involves a sex act.” He added, “It wasn’t approved, it was a private arrangement between the building and the artist. The council was made aware when a member of the public complained.”

Makatron also told Mashable that a discussion will take place next week with the City Council “regarding how to proceed — such as strategically adding pixels or lettuce.”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in an official meeting where they discuss which parts of human anatomy need to be covered up in a mural of a group of people humping between two hamburger buns.

Rather than having that conversation, I suggest the residents chill out and appreciate Kama Sutra Burger in all its glory. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a massive cheeseburger orgy to look at every day.

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