The Top 10 Deadliest Video Game Assassins, Ranked

Find out who made this bloodthirsty list of the most murderous gaming characters of all time…

With kill-crazy games like Dishonored 2, Assassin’s Creed and Hitman all launching new titles or remasters, it’s no surprise that our virtual bloodlust has been kicked into high gear. 

And if you spent a week assassinating people across history and the world like we did, you’d be hard-pressed not to look through today’s most lethal video games and rank the top 10 deadliest gaming assassins ever. Here’s the definitive ranking:

10. Mortal Kombat – Kitana

Step-daughter of the brutal king, Shao Kahn, a deep distrust between them didn’t stop Kahn from raising his adopted daughter as a master assassin. Her fan blades are the perfect compliment to her own personality; elegant and deadly all at once. 

9. Mass Effect – Thane

Rumored to be the most skilled assassin in the Mass Effect galaxy, Thane is an up-close-and-personal killer, opting for hand-to-hand combat over long-distance sniper kills. He might also be the most spiritual killer on this list. We’re not sure if that makes it better or worse when you consider the stack of bodies he’s left in his wake. 

8. No More Heroes – Travis Touchdown

Travis isn’t your typical assassin, at least not in terms of body count. Then again, Travis’ murderous intent does lead to the killing of a bunch of other assassins as he picks off the top ten in the world to claim the title for himself and killing assassins certainly has to count more than regular people.

7. Dishonored – Corvo

Former Lord Protector of the Empress, Corvo was basically a good guy until the usurper of the throne puts a frame job on him and kills some of his loved ones. Corvo goes full Man on Fire afterwards, stacking up the bodies on his revenge tour to save his daughter and earns himself a spot on this list as a result.

6. Metal Gear Solid – Solid Snake

At heart, Snake is an operative first and foremost, opting for stealth over confrontation. Those good intentions never seem to pan out, however, and Snake’s kill count of both minions and big bosses is probably one of the highest in all of video games, especially considering a career that spans decades.

5. Street Fighter – Vega

You may not know that Vega’s backstory includes everything from bullfighting to ninjitsu to a murdered mother but the end result is a narcissistic, schizophrenic killer, hired to be M. Bison’s personal assassin. His handheld claw, called a tekko kagi, gives him a reach advantage as a playable character in Street Fighter, lending his deadliness to you in the game.

4. Halo – Master Chief

Sure, to us, Master Chief is a hero but to all the races of aliens out there who he has decimated over the years, he is easily the deadliest assassin in the galaxy. Partly because of his sheer kill count, mostly because he’s an unstoppable death machine, Chief is incomparable in his murderousness.

3. Borderlands – Zero The Assassin

The only character who remained playable in all the Borderlands games, Zero is a stealthy killer with a skill tree that benefits quick, invisible movement and deadly melee abilities. In practice, Zero can take down loads of enemies all by himself as long as you know how to maximize his perks and have a serious bloodlust.

2. Assassin’s Creed – Ezio

This bloodthirsty Italian playboy went through a hell of a lot on his way to leading the assassin’s creed and stepped over a lot of bodies doing so. That includes some of the most famous people in history, from Borgias to Medicis, and a whole shitload of lowlifes that history doesn’t care about at all.

1. Hitman – Agent 47 

Groomed from childhood to be a master of the murderous arts, 47 is a globetrotting mercenary, taking contracts to kill anyone and everyone for the right price. And that’s exactly how it turns out because, even though we attempt stealth every time in the Hitman games, it inevitably turns into a bloodbath.