The Naked Sledding World Championship is Actually A Thing

In Germany. Obviously.

Here on the East Coast, in the midst of another polar vortex, we find ourselves freezing our asses off and – naturally – fucking hating it. However, not everyone suffers from a similar disdain for the cold. Case in point: these sled-loving Germans, who are embracing the freezing temperatures in their skivvies. On purpose.

The German town of Braunlage is currently seeking willing male and female participants for their biannual Naked Sledding World Championship. Competitors must be willing to strip down for a 97-yard sled dash wearing nothing but undies and a measly pair of snow boots, all while laying face-down on a toboggan. Along with the possibility of frostbitten genitals, each of the 30 finalists selected to race will get approximately $1,000 in prize money just for showing up.

Sure, we’d love to be one of the 25,000 onlookers who will line the track on February 15, but $1,000 isn’t much of an incentive to risk permanent shrinkage, frozen bodily leakage (whoopsie!), general embarrassment¬†of wiping out on a sled in front of hot naked girls… Basically, you’d have to be a fucking lunatic to do this. But, um, good luck to all the applicants!

Photos by Stefan Simonsen/ Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014