NASCAR Preview: Start Your Engines

Daytona champ Michael Waltrip previews NASCAR 2011.

1. Deadly Daytona

“The first race on the track’s first new surface since 1978 [February 20] has the potential to

be the greatest NASCAR race ever. The track will be grippier than Dentu-Creme. Expect over-

confident drivers, great racing, and great wrecks.”

2. Fresh Faces

“This year’s crop of new drivers includes wild man Travis Pastrana. You’ve already seen him jump over crazy shit in a car. Now you’ll see how good he is at driving an oval. He’ll be behind the wheel for seven Nationwide races—on my team!”

3. Fiercer Feuds

“NASCAR’s ‘have at it, boys’ philosophy forced racecar drivers to start taking an eye-for-an-eye mentality in 2010. Drivers know they should try to get away with anything they can get away with, so the racing will be rougher, like back in the day.”

4. Cooler Cars

“The Car of Tomorrow wasn’t well-received by fans—or drivers. Luckily, the rear wing has been removed in favor of a more traditional-looking spoiler, and a redesigned front end makes the car look even racier.”

5. Jimmie Will Get Beat

“After his string of championships [five], somebody’s finally gonna dethrone Jimmie Johnson. No one can explain what he’s doing. This season somebody has to overtake him. (To be fair, I said

the exact same thing last year.)”

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