'Twerk Icon' Nastya Nass: Watch Her Greatest Dance Videos

Twerk it out.
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Nastya Nass Promo

Iggy Azalea once claimed to have lost 15 pounds by twerking, but self-proclaimed "Twerk Icon" Nastya Nass has really taken the concept of rhythmically bouncing one's rear end for exercise to its peak. 

The Ukrainian-born Instagram influencer and fitness trainer has made headlines for hosting workshops and classes centered around the racy dance move, even going so far as embarking on a "Twerk Tour" in early 2020 before the pandemic hit. A participant writing for the Dallas Observer who took her twerk basics and twerk combo classes conceited that the glute-centric experience was "not easy"—not that it appears to be. 

Nass' ability to sway her buns at rapid speeds is seriously impressive—just try and count the shakes per second as she models her own brand of shorts in this eye-popping video set to Daddy Yankee's "Que Tire Pa' 'Lante"

Naturally, clips like those have made Nass a social media celebrity with 8.2 million followers on Instagram alone and over 1 million more on YouTube. Whether she's twerking at speed or in slow-motion, at a dance studio or on the back of a crotch rocket, while sporting a bikini or spanks, Nass's vids are always an awe-inspiring site: 

All of those twerk-outs make for a particularly photogenic figure. Since we're already here, enjoy a few of Nass's greatest recent snaps as well: