Natalie Dormer Makes Out With London in New Hozier Video

We would totally make out with a stranger on the street if that stranger were Natalie Dormer.

Natalie Dormer loves making out with strangers. At least, she does in Hozier’s new music video for “Someone New,” in which she meets cute in the bathroom of a dive bar, on the subway, on the street, in a tiny apartment, and on a roof. To the soundtrack of Hozier’s soulful crooning, the Game of Thrones star—rocking an undercut and a leather jacket—tears around London with a distinctly hungry look, and though the lyrics suggest she’s “falling in love just a little bit,” it seems like Natalie is totally satisfied with a wild, whiskey-fueled, NSA hook-up. Good to know, and excuse us while we move to London with our fingers crossed.