Natalie Portman Takes Aim in the Jane Got a Gun Trailer

Watch her go up against Ewan McGregor in the first trailer for this Western.

If the title of the upcoming Western Jane Got a Gun gives any indication, it’s about a woman named Jane who gets a gun. And you bet your ass she shoots it.

Natalie Portman plays Jane Hammond, a frontierwoman who takes it upon herself to protect her outlaw husband, Bill Hammond (Noah Emmerich), from the Bishop Boys, a gang that’s out for his blood. Joel Edgerton stars as her ex-lover Dan Frost, who decides to help her out and teach her to shoot because they’re still, like, really good friends, guys, it’s totally not weird to hang out with your ex. A fabulously mustachioed Ewan MacGregor plays the leader of the gang out to kill Jane’s husband. Watch them go at it, below: