Nathan For You Steals Urine and Wears Eyeliner in the Season 3 Trailer

People are running out of patience for Nathan Fielder’s shenanigans.

The trailer for Season 3 of Nathan For You is here, and it’s hilarious. But also a little bit sad.

Nathan Fielder’s outside-the-box business consulting strategies have earned the show an enthusiastic cult following of viewers, but it looks like his antics may have gone too far for some of the people he’ll be working with in the upcoming season.

“I’ve never had anyone do that to me,” one man says in the trailer, “secretly taking my urine to find out if my dopamine levels went up or not.”

“Find something else do with your life,” says another, “because you are not good at this.”

It looks like Season 3 of Nathan for Youwill involve a bit of self-reflection from our hero. The new season starts on October 15 on Comedy Central.