Navy SEALs Hunt For Nazi Gold in The Explosive Trailer for ‘Renegades’

Also: J.K. Simmons.

Renegades, an upcoming military action film from some of the same people who gave us Liam Neeson and his “particular set of skills” in the Taken trilogy, is a perfect combination of kickass things. 

First there’s J.K. Simmons as a Navy SEAL commander, which at this point is pretty much perfect typecasting. Then there’s the story. Per production house Europacorp’s description, Renegades is “about a team of Navy SEALs on assignment in war-torn Europe.” The team finds out there’s a massive cache of Nazi gold worth a few hundred million dollars 150 feet under a lake, so in “an effort to help the locals, they go rogue and engineer a heist to retrieve the gold and return it to its rightful owners. But in a deadly turn of events, they are detected by the enemy and left with only 10 hours to carry out their mission.”

Renegades has a killer action pedigree, directed by Final Destination 5 helmer Steven Quale and based on a story from Luc Besson, the mind behind taken and Scarlett Johansson‘s Lucy

Even without all that, a tank taking a header off a bridge is more than enough to get us interested. Renegades is in theaters on February 3, 2017.