Let’s Hope These NBA Rookies Know More about Basketball Than Fashion

Some of these NBA Draft looks were anything but a slam dunk.

A generation ago, when young men were called on to the stage at the NBA Draft they dressed like 45-year-olds in middle management. When Kobe Bryant was drafted in 1996, he looked like he’d borrowed his dad’s suit

But draft night fashion began to change around the turn the of the century. In 2003, LeBron donned an all-white monstrosity that hinted at his eventual move to Miami, even though the rest of the draft class was still pretty buttoned up. These days, the fashion of the lanky 20-year-olds arriving in the NBA has become nearly as much of a story as which team takes them. Last night’s draft was no exception. Short pants and bow ties were hot, but these looks were decidedly not.

Ben Simmons, taken first by the 76ers, dressed like he’s got a meeting on the 17th floor at 11:30. 

Brandon Ingram, taken second by the Lakers, took it back to ’91 with this wicked stone washed blazer.

Jamal Murray, taken seventh by the Nuggets, proves that a fedora can make even young, athletic, soon-to-be-rich dudes look like pimple=popping Redditors. 

Malik Beasley, taken 19th by the Nuggets, wore a tie-knot the size of Colorado.

Caris LeVert, taken 20th by the Pacers and traded to the Nets, didn’t have time to change his jacket after that bucket of paint fell on him.

Skal Labissiere, taken 29th by the Suns and traded to the Kings, is a dinosaur from our imagination and when he’s tall he’s what we call a dinosaur sensation.