NBA Players Are Dunking On The Dreams of Kids At Summer Basketball Camps

Watch the hilarious video evidence of NBA stars absolutely humiliating wannabe ballers.

Every summer, bored NBA players put on camps allowing kids to learn a few dribbling drills from their favorite stars and get a t-shirt to show off when school starts . 

This offseason is no exception. There is, however, one emerging trend that’s taken NBA basketball camps by storm this year. Professional basketball players are increasingly attempting to end the lives of kids on the court. They’re crossing them up, they’re dunking on them, they’re sending their weak shit into the bleachers. And it’s all getting caught on tape.

Thunder shooting guard Victor Oladipo is the latest perpetrator. Here he is forcing a camper at his skills academy to question his entire existence.

Here, James Harden ends a chubby basketball player’s life with some hypnotic dribbling and a nasty dunk.

We’ve all seen ankle breakers, but a cross up that breaks a defender’s jaw? This is a first. Aaron Gordon is a bad man. 

When you’re under four foot and you’re balling with Kevin Durant, it’s considered a victory just to get a shot off. None of these kids could claim victory. 

Poor kid’s parents sent him to basketball camp hoping he’d learn a few new tricks from Steph Curry. Instead he got sent home with vertigo.” tml-render-layout=”inline” tml-embed-thumbnail=”

Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown shows fat kids everywhere why they shouldn’t talk trash to NBA players. Little dude lost his appetite for a week after this.