NBC Introduces Americans To Soccer With Hilarious Promo

Now if only they would start using their hands.

If you aren’t a fan of the European (read: less face-crushing) version of football, you might not know that NBC dropped a pretty penny to purchase the American rights to the English Premier League this season and plan to air the absolute shit out of it. In alignment with that, the bigwigs upstairs at 30 Rock called their old SNL pal, (and our new pal) Jason Sudeikis in to film a fantastic new promo for NBC’s (fantastic new) sport.

The funnyman plays Ted Lasso, a southern (American) football coach called in to coach the “Tottenham Hot Spurs.” The joke of the two sports footballs is definitely well-trodden ground, but Sudeikis freshens it up with his clueless coach (that may or may not closely resemble some NFL personalities) and his misunderstandings about the game, the season, and even the country (countries) that he’s in.

If this doesn’t get Americans into soccer, we don’t know what will. 

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