‘Murder Mystery’ With Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler Is Most-Watched Netflix Movie Ever

The jet-setting comedy blew away Sandra Bullock’s “Birdbox.”

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in “Murder Mystery”

With a generic title like Murder Mystery and lukewarm reviews, Netflix could’ve had a dud on its hands with this Adam SandlerJennifer Aniston comedy. Instead, the streaming giant officially has a colossal hit. 

Mystery‘s numbers are impressive by any standard. 

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The audience data was revealed in a tweet, which reported 30,869,863 accounts viewed Murder Mystery in its first three days, which represented the biggest opening weekend ever for a Netflix film.

The audience size comprised 13,374,914 accounts in North America and another 17,494,949 accounts internationally, where the film was subtitled in German, Spanish, French and Italian for subscribers.

Here’s the tweet:

To be clear, that’s a verified account connected to Netflix itself, so it’s legit. 

Murder Mystery is about New York City cop Sandler and his wife (Aniston) who find themselves confronting a—you guessed it!—murder mystery while guesting on a billionaire’s yacht during their European vacation.

Critics hate the movie. It has a 45 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which says the consensus is that it is “a lightweight comedy that’s content to settle for merely mediocre.” 

That’s not nearly as positive an assessment as the one for Sandra Bullock‘s 2018 Netflix sci-fi hit Bird Box. Critics thought it was well-acted and chilling and it certainly had a ton of viewers over time, but they didn’t stream it at nearly the rate seen with Mystery

Want to watch it yourself to see if it really deserves these numbers? Click over to Netflix right now, before those Rotten Tomatoes ratings change your mind.