Netflix and Chill is About To Get More Expensive

Just when you thought you had found the perfect, affordable date.

We all know what it means to ‘Netflix and chill.’ Moms know, dads know, when you’re 10 minutes into House of Cards and your girl looks at you like this, you know she knows. In fact, even condom companies have figured out how to get in on it. But now that pastime is getting a little more expensive. 

According to TechCrunch, on Thursday the video streaming service changed their most popular plan to a whopping $9.99 a month. Yes my cheap friends, that’s almost a full 10 bucks for those of you who enjoy streaming video on up to two screens simultaneously! Times are getting tough.

New subscribers will be paying the new price beginning immediately but there will be a bit of a grace period if you already have a subscription.  Expect the dollar hike to show up on your credit card come next October.

Photos by Jordan Siemens / Getty Images