Watch This Mysterious Trailer For Comedy Legend Dave Chappelle’s Upcoming Netflix Specials

Dave’s coming back with a bang.

Dave Chappelle
Video Still

He’s come tearing out of hiding in the last couple of years and definitely is no longer the remote figure he became after leaving his now-classic Comedy Central show, but Dave Chappelle is still a seriously complex comedian.

That’s why the teaser that Netflix just dropped for his upcoming comedy specials exclusive to the streaming service is so perfectly Dave. It’s pretty simple, yet compelling—black and white moving shots of the comedy legend sitting at an outdoor cafe, enjoying a cigarette and clearly deep in thought. Over these shots we hear echoing excerpts from his standup, only to have Dave seemingly break out of his reverie right at the end.

It’s actually some damn subtle acting for such a brief tease for comedy shows. But that’s Dave Chappelle. Part of the comedian’s charisma has always been bound up in the fact that you never feel you’re just listening to a guy who’s just about the laughs. Chappelle’s got a lot going on in that mysterious mind of his.

Chappelle’s first pair of Netflix specials will be released on March 21. We can’t wait to hear what he’s got to say now.