There Could Be a New ‘Ace Ventura’ Movie if Jim Carrey Is Interested

Alrighty then!

One thing we know about Jim Carrey—he’s unpredictable. That’s related to the other thing we know about the actor and comedian: he’s funny as hell. And one of his all-time greatest characters was a human cartoon named Ace Ventura. 

If you’ve ever hoped Carrey might reconsider the swing he made into drama and comedies with dramatic elements (see The Truman Show), you probably thought of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Turns out there’s a chance we might get to see Ace talk out of his butt again. 

Morgan Creek Entertainment owns the rights to a number of films, including Ace Ventura. Company president David Robinson told Deadline that MCEG has considered “a mainstream theatrical production relaunch” of Ace

However Robinson’s company wouldn’t just update the movie’s script or anything that simple:

[The] idea is not to do a straight remake but a new movie in the spirit of the original, part of Morgan Creek’s strategy to honor its library properties with the new takes without undercutting them. “Because it’s episodic in nature, about a pet detective, it also lends itself to a traditional single-camera series franchise.”

The concept, reports Deadline, would be to have Carrey “a baton-handing”—perhaps by reconnecting with a long-lost child who just shows up on his doorstep.

Ace Ventura hit theaters in 1994 and it almost immediately became a pop-culture staple, in part due to Carrey just pulling out all the stops on his comedic inventiveness, as well as the movie’s over all balls-out live action cartoon feel. 

Carrey’s been going through some things, having a tough time of it. Maybe another round of butt-talking is exactly what the man needs these days. 

Keep your fingers crossed.

h/t Uproxx