The New Ant-Man Trailer is a Vast Improvement

If the teaser fell short of selling you on the miniature hero, get ready to be excited. 

Earlier this year, the teaser to Marvel’s “Ant-Man” gave us glimpses of the pint-sized character, but not really much action. We didn’t get to see the hero fight while shrunken, and altogether the trailer was a pretty somber affair. Well, maybe that’s why teasers are teasers and trailer are trailers, because the new trailer for “Ant-Man” has a ton of action, a sense of just how funny this film will be (Paul Rudd is Paul Rudd, after all), and how “Ant-Man” fits into the larger Marvel universe. 

It is certainly reminiscent of the first “Iron Man,” which did a great job balancing action and humor. Don’t expect the Marvel winning streak to end any time soon.