Dive Into The Dark Digital World Of ‘Mr. Robot’ With This New App

The rabbit hole goes deeper than ever with “1.51exfiltrati0n.”


As if USA’s runaway series Mr. Robot hasn’t sucked audiences deep enough into the computer hacking realm, the creators’ new app for iOS and Google Play will have you more addicted than Pokémon GO.

Titled like an episode of the show, “1.51exfiltrati0n,” is an online journey via apparent text interactions with the show’s array of characters. It will leave you feeling like a member of Fsociety before you know it. As you converse with the fictional hackers, you quickly discover that what feels like a communication app is really a game developed by Night School Studio and distributed by by Telltale.

Sean Krankel, co-founder of Night School Studio, describes it as “Multiple text threads, playing the game out over the course of an extended period of time.” Those threads, Krankel says “will mirror how you interact with real people in real life.” On making the game, Krankel said “It was just a really interesting narrative challenge.”

The game’s preview warns there’s no turning back.. but with a chance to converse (albeit, pretend) with Rami Malek’s unhinged and fascinating Elliott Alderson, you can bet we’re all in.