The New Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer: It’s All Fun and Games Until Hulk Smash

Marvel’s new trailer release raises a lot of questions that we are prepared to answer. Whether we’re right is a whole different thing.

We were blessed with a second trailer for the highly anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron barely 24 hours ago and, right now, someone at your job (whether you work at Morgan Stanley or McDonalds) is geeking out to it. And that geeking has probably taken a theorizing turn. The new footage provides plenty of fuel for speculation. Check out our theories as we take some educated guesses to what the hell is actually going to happen on May 1st. 

Everyone Creates the Thing They Dread

Tony Stark is a genius in all sense of the word. He’s developed world-altering technology and essentially tinkered his way to superhero-dom. His one downfall is also his greatest strength: his mind. It is highly suspected that this iteration of 


is the product of Tony and Bruce Banner. But something has gone awry. If


appearance hasn’t already dampened the party, the arrival of his army of drones certainly will. 

The Women of Marvel are Taking Over

The new trailer gave us a glimpse at some new female faces we’ve been hearing so much about. First, a mysterious woman undressing on the way to swim in a questionable-looking pond. She appears to be wearing some sort of chain-mail, and almost looks robotic. While some have theorized this could be

Jocasta, Ultron’s

sultry bride

from the comics, others have said she would connect back to the

Black Panther

world. The latter makes sense, since all of these films are connected if by the tiniest detail, or post-credit Easter egg.

The second vixen to grace our presence is barely a blip on your computer screen – unless you pause at just the right time. When it appears the Norse god is having the life drained out of him (by means of thunder, of course) there is a scantily clad woman in the background. While she could just be another drone used by


, our guess is that



. This powerful


and expert at kicking ass has been connected to Thor in the comics, and would tie us in with the upcoming

Thor: Ragnarok

(and also with



Guardians of the Galaxy

). If that means

more time with Baby


, we can work with that.

Like a Black Widow, Baby

With an abundance of films set for release after Marvel’s Phase 3 announcement, a solo-go for Black Widow was conspicuously left off. Before anyone threw down in Red’s honor, Joss


promised us a lot more


for the Black Widow. The trailer reassures us of that, showing cuts of Ms.


seemingly under distress during some unwanted experimental procedures. We’ve been curious about this specific


for a while now, but we’re wondering if


will put his own twist on the legendary Russian spy for the


sequel. After changing Scarlet Witch and


from “mutants” to


,” is it possible Black Widow has a dormant power just itching to be seen? It’d certainly give her an edge up amongst the rest of the Scooby gang. 

Andy Serkis, Ladies and Gentleman

He’s been a talking ape, a sneering Middle Earth creature, and he’s dance-battled with Jennifer Garner. And he has a face this time. Congrats on that Andy.

Don’t Poke the Big Green Thing

Ultron gives us a hint of how he plans on taking down the Avengers: He’s going to tear them apart from the inside. A big hint at why this makes sense is Hulk’s glowing red eyes during the destructive battle against Iron Man in his legendary Hulkbuster suit. No, it’s not an unfortunate case of pink eye. Our theory is that this is all due to the extremely power talents of Scarlet Witch (played by Elizabeth Olsen). If she’s capable of getting into people’s heads, and ultimately forcing people to alter allegiances, that only means bad things for our heroes (and just about every city they choose to visit.)