The New Batmobile is Incredibly Sleek, Still Chevy-Powered

With “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” we may have reached Batmobile nirvana.

After fifty years of evolution, the Batmobile has finally reached maturity: the chunky aggression and armor of the “Dark Knight” Tumbler have combined with the low-slung, cartoon-smooth Batmobile that Michael Keaton drove in 1989 to form this, the culmination of bat-themed transportation, arriving in theaters next March with DC’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Though the movie is almost a year off, we have thirty seconds of prime footage of the new car showing front-mounted cannons, an aggressive rear axle, knobby tires, and tons of panels that appear to be for both aerodynamics and armor. Part Art Deco, part ex-military, part Mad Max hotrod, the new Batmobile means great things for Gotham. 

Photos by Youtube