It’s Official: Netflix Is Creating New Episodes of Black Mirror

Let’s hope no one has sex with a pig this time. 

This is not a drill: Netflix is creating new episodes of the dystopian British series Black Mirror.

The streaming service confirmed earlier reports on Friday that it will produce 12 brand new-episodes of the beloved dystopian science-fiction series developed by Charlie Brooker. Annabel Jones, who produced the first seven episodes of the series, will continue to serve as a showrunner for the series alongside Brooker.

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Radio Times reported on the deal earlier in September: “The streaming giant is understood to have agreed terms with Brooker and his independent production company House of Tomorrow to make ‘multiple episodes’ of the dystopian drama, according to sources involved in the negotiations.”

The speculative drama series first aired on Channel 4 in the UK before it rattled the psyche of unassuming U.S. Netflix viewers last year after the streaming service quietly picked it up with little fanfare or promotion. Each discrete episode is heavy with foreboding commentary on society’s increasing reliance on technology, and the sinister isolation that such dependence can potentially breed.

Black Mirror became a word-of-mouth cult phenomenon in the U.S., buoyed by flabbergasted social media reactions to the show, which amounted to a collective plaintive cry of “WTF??!!!” But with rumors circulating that UK Prime Minister David Cameron had some sort of, er, encounter with a pig in a ritual torn from the shocking pilot of the dystopian series, it’s clear that the time is ripe for Black Mirror‘s wicked look at our tech-fixated present to make a triumphant return to TV.