‘Dexter’ Trailer Reveals Lead Character’s New Name and Same Old Bloodlust

It’s stabbin’ time again.


This new trailer for Showtime’s Dexter revival reveals that Dexter Morgan may have a new name — Jim Lindsay — and live in a very different place (the series has been filming in Central Massachusetts), but he’s the same old serial killer with an ethical code.

When we last saw Michael C. Hall‘s blood splatter expert who splatters much of the blood he analyzes in 2013, he had left his home in Florida and moved to the woods, where he was working as a lumberjack. That seems like plenty of confirmation that Dexter hadn’t lost his affection for cutting things, but in the trailer above, it is very clear that “Jim Lindsay” isn’t examining knives in a shop window just to go do some whittling.


The reboot’s brief synopsis says as much: “Set ten years after Dexter Morgan went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, the revival sees the character now living under an assumed name in a world away from Miami.”

If you feel like you’ve missed the serial killer train with this show, know that you can check out past seasons of Dexter via Showtime streaming. 

Showtime has kept much about the new Dexter close to the vest, including casting decisions. It’s a toss-up, then as to whether any of Michael C. Hall’s old castmates will return.   

Dexter heads back to pay cable screens to get his stabbing fix in the Fall of 2021, with the exact premiere date to be announced this summer. Watch the latest trailer above.