New Disgusting Thing Preventing French People from Eating Old Disgusting Thing

Oh, the circle of life.

If you ever have the urge to strike fear into the hearts of snails across Europe, just summon the name “platydems monokwari” (or as he’s known to his friends, the New Guinea flatworm). The slimy species is insatiably hungry for snail parts, and has slithered its way into France, threatening the species that most commonly ends up on a plate as escargot. This has caused alarm (and presumably a lot of French people screaming “sacrebleu!”) in a region where eating snails is about as important as turning your nose up to the culture and intelligence of the rest of the world (in other words, super important).

But don’t worry, eaters of gross things; France will presumably be putting all of its resources into eradicating the worm before their precious snail meat is gone forever. And who do the French call when they need some cleanup done? That’s right

Eh, who needs snails anyway?