Watch the 'Workaholics' Crew Take on Terrorists in This Hilarious New Trailer For 'Game Over, Man!'

Adam, Blake and Ders are doing their own version of 'Die Hard.'
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Adam Devine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm are revisiting their hilarious Workaholics characters in a new trailer for the Netflix original movie, Game Over, Man! 

The crew plays a trio of inept hotel waiters tasked with thwarting a terrorist faction's hostage operation. And yes, that sounds extremely similar to the plot of Die Hard. 

From the get-go, fans of Comedy Central's side-splitting sitcom will enjoy a resurrection of Adam, Blake and Ders' dumb shenanigans.

"We should be chugging champagne," says a fratty Devine in the opening dialogue. 

"We should be collecting diamonds, collecting albino pythons!" Anderson inexplicably responds before Holms hits a vape pen through his nose. 

The rest of the trailer essentially shows the gang trying to John McClane their way through a situation for which they are comically ill-prepared. 

Find out if three Workaholics are as capable as one Bruce Willis when Game Over, Man! arrives on Netflix March 23.

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