The New IMax Poster For ‘Venom’ Will Eat Your Soul

This guy needs a dental intervention.

Sony Pictures

We’ve never seen a Marvel movie poster quite like this. Via Bloody Disgusting, this is the IMAX poster for Tom Hardy’s Venom and it does a damn good job of telling us in one image that this isn’t your daddy’s comic book menace.

Venom is, of course, the tale of a boy and his evil alien symbiote, and how they learn to get along and support each other through various hardships. Hardy plays the title character, who is a hapless reporter named Eddie Brock when he meets his pet alien creature.

Tom Hardy in Venom
Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock

The poster is the opposite of pretty much any Marvel production’s art. It’s a world away from any Avengers poster, for instance—those pretty much hold a stadium’s worth of superheroes most of the time.

Does that tell us something about the inner life of a man stricken with an affliction that gives him awesome super powers and a knack for eating bad guys’ heads? An alleged plot leak might lead us to a deeper understanding.

Or maybe this is just a cool movie about a man-monster with a horrific tongue and teeth rampaging through the city.

We’ll find out when Venom is in theaters on Oct. 5.