New Just Cause 3 Footage Is Out and It’s Amazing

If you can see it, you can blow it up.

Just Cause 3 wants you to leave pretense at the door and jump into its waiting expanses to blow everything up. Everything. Take an entire bridge out by yourself. Use some sort of aircraft to wreak as much havoc as possible on an unassuming civilized area. Why? Because you can.

The latest footage released for Avalanche Studios’ ambitious open-world sandbox adventure showcases a world where you can fly a school bus through the air into a mountain or blow up an entire gas station on a whim. As the indomitable Rico Rodriguez, the technicolor Mediterranean island of Medici is your playground as you go on the warpath to take down the evil dictator General Di Ravello…and destroy as much as you can along the way. You know, for reasons.

Avalanche Studios gives some insightful commentary in the video below, shining some light on the creative process behind the game. From the beginning of the Just Cause trilogy they’ve wanted to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable in gaming, as far as what players can and can’t destroy. Now, using modern tech, they’re able to present a game with as many surreal moments as there are action-packed popcorn flick moments. It looks absolutely awesome, and we’re ready to do as much damage as humanly possible when the game releases this December.