Nickelodeon Just Unveiled a Channel Exclusively for Nineties Throwbacks

The Splat is all sweet pre-millennial cartoons, all the time.

It’s really happening, and it’s happening in a bigger way than anyone could have guessed: Nickelodeon has quietly unveiled The Splat, a separate channel dedicated to re-airing animated series from the nineties like Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, and CatDog.

The cable channel for kids has not yet made an official statement on the launch of The Splat, but has been cryptically promoting it on Twitter and at the Brooklyn 90s fest this weekend.

Check out The Splat’s YouTube teaser here:

Nickelodeon has been hinting for a while that it had plans to re-air or re-package its nineties cartoon hits, which will appeal to parents of the new Nickelodeon generation, who may be eager to share their old favorites with their young spawns. Because the family that slimes together, stays together.