New "Offline Beer Glass" Forces You To Talk To Your Friends

Would you rather spill your beer or answer a text? The choice is yours.

Would you rather spill your beer or answer a text? The choice is yours.

Today we bring you a warning in regards to the bar Salve Jorge in San Paolo, Brazil, where the owners have implemented the use of something called “The Offline Glass.” Created by the advertising agency Fischer & Friends, it basically looks like an average beer glass, except that a section of its base is missing – and that’s where your phone goes in order to ensure that the glass can balance on its own. That’s right, this bar has the gall to force you to surrender your phone in the hopes of encouraging you to maintain eye contact and actually talk to real, live people, like other patrons who you could potentially have a lot in common with or, even worse, any individuals you actually came with.

On the other hand, the offline glass could have some advantages. Your girlfriend’s pissed that you’re responding to her texts: blame the glass. Your boss called with an after-hours work request and you didn’t see it until way too late: it’s the glass’s fault.

So far, the offline glass is only being used at Salve Jorge, but what do you think: good idea or bad idea? Tell us in the comments.

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