The New Point Break Is Going Extreme

Surfing is out, base-jumping is in.

Though it has 100% less Keanu Reeves, the trailer for the remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s “Point Break” looks like a lot of fun. Expanding on the pro-surfers-as-FBI-agents theme of the first movie, the 2015 remake features an agent who excels not just in the water, but in many (all?) extreme sports, and is thus perfectly suited to chase down a rogue band of similarly skilled international bandits intent on “disrupting the international financial markets.” (As with the Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” and its global water crisis theme, we wish the threat were just touch more fanciful.) The stunts look more than adequate: parachuting from a plane, then diving straight down a crevasse; snowboarding down a glacier; free-climbing what looks like an Alp; free-diving in a Flying Squirrel suit. The lead villain—Bodie—seems charismatic, plus there’s a luxurious wave scene (a real point break!) with a surfing babe. We’re in.