The New Terrence Malick Film Looks Energetic, Sexy, and Insane

For a director that has focused on pastoral images of immanence and sublimity, the dance club scene looks pretty wild. 

After announcing that Terrence Malick’s new film Knight of Cups would be in competition at February’s Berlin Film Festival, FilmNation has released the first trailer to Malick’s third film in four years (after releasing just four films over the 35 previous years). 

This is definitely different for Malick. While his last two films have brought us closer to present day, this film flings us right into the middle of a world of technology and parties and neon-lighting and raves, none of which have ever been shot by Malick before. Certainly the narration and wandering camera and pan shots of nature are standard for the director this point, something about the party scenes, the way that the strobe light looks, the way Bale wanders through the night club, it all seems very 90s European art house. It looks like Run Lola Run or Irma Vep.

Is the film premiering in Berlin but twenty years too late? With Malick should we even worry about this stuff? The film will be arriving stateside sometime in 2015, and until then, we’ll keep replaying this trailer, wondering what the hell is going on. 

Photos by FilmNation