New ‘Predator’ Trailer For 30th Anniversary Re-Release Is Here, So Get To the Choppa

It looks better than ever.

Get to the choppa

Damn, Predator turned 30 this year. The classic sci-fi action thriller first hit theaters in June, 1987, and it shook up the genre in a big way. It had everything audiences could want in this kind of movie plus Arnold Schwarzenegger at his peak.

While Predator has been a favorite movie rental and TV staple in the decades since, there’s still nothing like experiencing Schwarzenegger bellowing for everyone to “get to the choppa” on the big screen.

To that end, the movie is being re-released for some limited big-screen play. It will open in theaters in the UK in November. 

There’s no word yet as to whether the thriller will make it back into US theaters again, reports GeekTyrant.

Get to the choppa

However—The Predator, a sequel, is due to premiere in August, 2018, having been moved up from an original March release date. Will it even come close to matching the original’s potent combination of military action and pure horror? 

Hard to see how it could, but we’ll check it out anyway. 

h/t GeekTyrant