New Trailer for The Gunman Makes a Case for Sean Penn, Action Hero

Think of it as the anti-American Sniper.

Pierre Morel, the Luc Bessonprotege who gifted us with Taken and District 13, is about to return to box office dominance with a huge budget thriller starring Sean Penn in a rare action role, facing off against Javier Bardem after Penn kills the wrong guy on a routine assassination mission. The Gunman looks tense, stylish and cool. Featuring a who’s who of action heroes including Idris Elba and Ray Winstone, the film hits theaters in April and looks to feature a ton of cool cars, huge set-pieces, and Sean Penn musculature.

Is America ready for action-hero Penn? Morel turned Liam Neeson into the most-bankable action hero in the business, so far be it for us to doubt the king of the action hero makeover.