You’ll Go Bananas Over the Terrifying New Trailer For ‘Kong: Skull Island’

We finally get to see the great ape.

The newest trailer for Kong: Skull Island drops any pretense of trying to tease viewers with what they’re probably most interested in seeing: Kong himself. The Greatest Ape of Them All is fully revealed in this action packed preview, and he’s awe-inspiring. 

The reliably funny John C. Reilly also shows up, because no solid action film is complete without at least a little comic relief. 

In Kong: Skull Island we’re taken back to the Vietnam era. Tom Hiddleston is a British military officer and Samuel L. Jackson an American military man joining him on an expedition to mysterious Skull Island. That’s where they discover Reilly, who lives among the natives there. 

The natives worship Kong—but the trailer reveals to exciting effect that Kong may be the least of the expedition’s worries.

Kong: Skull Island stomps into theaters on March 10, 2017.