Watch Tom Hanks Pull Off A Miracle Plane Landing in ‘Sully’ Trailer

Clint Eastwood directs the inspiring tale of hero pilot Sully Sullenberger.

After Captain Sully Sullenberger managed to safely land distressed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in January of 2009, he was immediately hailed as a hero. It turns out that even after that remarkable event, in which Sullenberger was responsible for ensuring all 155 passengers made it home safely, he still had to face a ton of obstacles the admiring public was never aware of.

They included hearings on the crash landing he faced along with co-pilot Jeff Skiles as well as an enormous glut of sometimes unwelcome press attention. 

The trailer released this week for the Clint Eastwood-directed Sully does a precise job of outlining how the so-called “Miracle on the Hudson” was a more complicated event than it seemed. Much of that work is done through Tom Hanks’s stricken expression and soulful gaze in the title role as well as expertly-paced cutting from the aftermath to the moments before the water landing itself, with Hanks and Aaron Eckhart as Skiles bracing for impact. 

Sully is in theaters on September 9th, and we’re anxious to get a full look at how Eastwood’s venerable directorial hand has brought the true drama behind that “Miracle” to the foreground. With the likes of Tom Hanks in the lead, it’s got to be good.