New Vinyl Trailer Promises More Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

What else could we expect from something produced by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese? 

Heyo! Bobby Cannavale is back in the second trailer for HBO’s upcoming music industry drama, Vinyl. Cannavale plays Richie Finesta, a high-energy — and usually very high — record executive with a wardrobe that looks like it belongs at a 1970s-themed costume party. 

And party Richie does, while trying desperately to retain control of his shop while his more practically-minded partners want to sell to Big Record. The struggle for control looks like it could take a murderous turn, which should come as no surprise, as Martin Scorsese is an executive producer on the show, which also stars Olivia Wilde and Ray Romano.

Vinyl will premiere on February 14, 2016.