The New “World War Z” Trailer…

…is a celebration in BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!

…is a celebration in BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!

The long-awaited World War Z is due in theaters next summer. It’s suffered re-shoots and rumors of disaster, but it’s finally here with the new trailer.

Yeah. If you didn’t know the book was about zombies, you would have zero idea this movie had anything to do with the living dead. It’s a pretty incomprehensible glop of an action trailer, but it does have two awesome features:

Brad Pitt’s Hair


Hanz Zimmer’s


score has blessed/cursed the trailer industry (and it’s definitely not just movies now) with an indispensible musical refrain. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few examples.

Inception (movie)

Prometheus (movie)

The Amazing Spider Man, Rhino Trailer (video game)

Descent: Journeys into Darkness (board game)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (movie)

The Avengers (movie)

Battleship (“movie”)

Now try playing them all at once. Just lower your bass first, or your house will probably fall down.

More movies please.

Show me some girls.