The New York Giants Are Watching This Vicious ‘Game of Thrones’ Scene to Get Pumped Up

Who let the dogs out?

The New York Giants have a new head coach this season in Ben McAdoo, who spent the prior two years with the team as offensive coordinator. The 39-year-old career coach has a novel approach for pumping up his team. 

On Wednesday morning, four days before the Giants opening game against the Cowboys, McAdoo screened a particularly intense Game of Thrones scene for the team. It was the one with Ramsey Bolton getting his face eaten off by his dogs. His goal? To get his players thinking like starving dogs who’d chew off their master’s chin.

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“He showed a dog attacking somebody, and basically that’s our mindset,” one Giant told The Post.“

“It was about being hungry, he showed us like a scene from ‘Game of Thrones,’ and it was just about being hungry, and coming to work every day. Just being the hungriest team in the NFL, in the NFC, all that,” another Giant said.

As far as NFL motivational techniques go, this one is pretty out there, but at this point the Giants are willing to try anything. The team has missed the playoffs in each of the last four years after winning the Super Bowl in 2012.

And if this doesn’t work, they could always try to channel a rat eating its way through a man’s stomach.