The New York Jets Are Bringing Their Secret Weapon to London

Because TP is as important as a TD. 

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about Brits: They prefer single-ply toilet paper. Ghastly, right? 

The New York Jets think so. In preparation for its game in London on Sunday, the team has packed 350 rolls of the fancy two-ply that they’re used to. It’s all part of the team’s attempt to replicate life as players know it despite playing a few thousand miles away from home. In addition to the toilet paper, the team’s bringing a chef and other boring essentials like extension cords and cereal. In total, the Jets are shipping more than 5,000 items for its 65 hours overseas. 

But it’s the TP that’s garnered the most attention. On Friday a reporter asked Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin  if his team has had any problems with the sub-standard product dispensed from British toilet paper rolls. “Not so far. Last time it was great to me. We didn’t bring any,” he said.

No surprise there. Unlike New York, Miami isn’t keenly aware of how the human butt can ruin your season.  The Jets butt fumbled once and they’re determined to not do it again. 

Photos by Getty Images