The New York Jets Bench Mark Sanchez To Save Their…BAHAHAHAHAHA.

If it wasn’t a fiasco, it wouldn’t be the Jets.

If it wasn’t a fiasco, it wouldn’t be the Jets.

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It feels like the entire Jets’ season has been futile, so it’s not much of a surprise that they’d cap it off with some more last-minute, and hilarious, exercises in futility.

After a 14-10 loss that launched 1,000 snarky Tweet-ships last night, Jets’ brass decided to pull the plug on “the Sanchize.” Of course, they waited for the best time to do it: directly after they’ve been eliminated from playoff contention.

So, Tim Tebow, who was brought over in a highly publicized trade this offseason, will get his chance. That last sentence is something that would be written in a football world that made sense. However, in this reality, Rex Ryan has leapfrogged Tebow – who, despite questions about his actual skills, took the Broncos past the Steelers in the playoffs last season – and decided to award Greg McElroy his first career start. The Saban padawan (and big nerd) previously led the Jets to a win over the beleaguered Cardinals in a 7-6 win that could only be described as “meh.” 

He should fit in perfectly.

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