The NFL Just Set a Depressing Record

It’s the first time in six years this has happened.

Remember where you are right now football fans, because today’s a monumental one in the history of the NFL. When the clock struck midnight on September 30th and the calendar flipped over to October, the league completed a full month without any arrests, according to reporter Mike Rosenberg.

No sexual assaults, domestic assaults or plain old assaults. No rapes, no gun charges, no animal cruelty cases. No handcuffs on the wrists of NFL players at all. Let us celebrate.

So, why’s this such a big deal? How long it’s been since the NFL went a calendar month without an arrest? Put it this way: the last time the NFL was arrest free for a month was one year into Barack Obama’s presidency. So yeah, it’s been six years. That’s a long time. Any chance it happens for a second month in a row?

Photos by George Rizer / The Boston Globe / Getty Images