The NFL Big 5 – Conference Finals!

Three more games left this season – before you retreat into hibernation, preview Sunday’s games!

Three more games left this season – before you retreat into hibernation, preview Sunday’s games!

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Big Upset – Baltimore Ravens over New England Patriots

Tom Brady is a bad, bad man in playoff football, and the Ravens are a nine-point underdog, but between Lewispalooza, Gronk’s re-broken arm, and the games that the Ravens have given the Patriots recently, this might be a viable upset pick. Besides, it’s better than the alternative, betting against our next point.

Big Performance – Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers

The talking heads of the NFL have said all week that the Falcons need to keep Kaepernick in the pocket in order to come away with the win. Is Mike McCarthy kicking himself right now – “Is that all I had to do?” Keeping Kaepernick in the pocket is like keeping Charlie Sheen on the straight and narrow.

Big Flop – Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons

It seems unfair to turn the gun on Michael Turner, as the guy lives and dies with his line. Turner has only topped the century mark twice this season and was held under 50 in half of his regular season games. After recording 98 last week, trends show that he is in for a letdown, especially against the formidable San Fran defense.

Big Storyline – The Harbaugh Bowl?

One of the brothers obviously has an easier path than another, but Belichick hasn’t raised the trophy in eight years and has only made it to the big dance twice since, so the Pats obviously aren’t infallible. Could we see what we missed by a field goal and a muffed punt last year? And would this settle for good who Mom and Dad’s favorite is?

Big Stinker – Brian Kelly

He may be the stinker, but we’re a little impressed that someone can turn Oregon, New York, DC, and Dallas against them in one fell swoop.

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