The NFL Big 5: Week 16

It’s do or die for every team in the hunt.

The new NFL week is here and with it comes chaos. Fortunately,Maximis here to help you navigate these uncharted waters with five predictions that will undoubtedly (or just maybe) come true.

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Big Upset – Bengals over Steelers

A win for Cincy in this matchup would seal up the AFC playoff picture, leaving only seeding up in the air for the final week. The Steelers are under .500 since Halloween and haven’t pulled out a victory by more than four points since then. You can’t even blame it on Charlie Batch, who was 1-1 in two starts while earning a big win over the Ravens. Here’s a theory – maybe the Steelers are not that good. They get the benefit of the doubt because they are the Steelers, but they may just downright stink. The Bengals are hungry from decades of being crushed under the Pittsburgh boot, look for a satiating win from them.

Big Performance – Russell Wilson

If the NFL had a prom, Wilson would be crowned both King and Queen. The rookie darling and his Seahawks have scored 108 points in the past two weeks, destroying the self-esteem of defenses everywhere. They are in the prime spot for wild card placement and although they’re playing the mighty 49ers, look for them to cling to this spot for dear life.

Big Flop – Tony Romo

The Saints defense is as soft as the inside of Tom Brady’s totally-not-girly Uggs, but pressure is kryptonite for Tony Romo. If you’re starting him in the fantasy finals, you should probably consider a backup plan. Ryan Tannehill is looking mighty good.

Big Storyline – NFC East vs. NFC North

If the Seahawks can hang onto their one game lead, there would be two spots available (NFC East division and Wild Card) for the five teams currently locked at 8-6. Who makes it out? Well it all depends on who wins, dummy.

Big Stinker – New England at Jacksonville

We would reconsider if the Pats had anything locked up, but it seems like they are very much in the hunt for a first-round bye. Not that Belichick minds piling up the points on shitty teams with nothing on the line. This could get double ugly.

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