The NFL Big Five – Week 10

We wrote about the Jets and didn’t mention Tebow once! Oh, damn.

The new NFL week is here and with it comes chaos. Fortunately,Maximis here to help you navigate these uncharted waters with five predictions that will undoubtedly (or just maybe) come true.

Big Upset – Jets over Seahawks

The Seahawks are not an unpredictable offensive team, any schmuck (and Rex Ryan is definitely a schmuck) can see that you need to step up to Marshawn Lynch and make Seattle pass. Russell Wilson is not exactly Dan Marino. In fact, he may not even be Dan LeFevour, so keeping him busy is priority number one. On the other side of the ball it’s a different story. The Seahawks’ defense ranks fourth in the league while the Jets’ offense ranks first in futility. But if the Sanchize has one of his Dr. Jekyll weeks, New York could get a big home W.

Big Performance – Josh Freeman

You know what best protects a quarterback? No, not a roided-out, barbed-wire bicep tattoo-owning offensive lineman (although that helps); it’s a dangerous running game. And when Doug Martin ran for 14,000 yards and 79 touchdowns last week, it did more than delight his fantasy owners – it gave Josh Freeman time and therefore made the Bucs offense better. You have to imagine the Chargers have had a photo of Doug Martin in the locker room all week with the word “WANTED” underneath. Hell, maybe they even put him in some Wild West garb and made the picture look all old fashioned, like they do at the fair. Probably not, but we can dream.

Big Flop – Jamaal Charles

When Jamaarles has taken the field this season, there is no telling who will come out of the backfield. Sometimes he’ll break 200 yards and bust a 91-yarder to the house. Other times he’ll average .5 yards per carry, a number I am pretty confident that I could surpass. And then, sometimes he’ll only get five touches in a game and not even the Romeo Crennel, the coach of the Chiefs, will know why. Combine this with a Steelers’ D on the uptick and the fact that Charles got popped last week and you have one sketchy starter.

Big Storyline – Texans at Bears

In a truly blockbuster Sunday night game, two teams with a single loss to their name will meet in a game that could easily be a Super Bowl preview. The Texans are the more balanced and consistent team while the Bears’ big offense has dominated a sub-par first half of the schedule. Chi-town will try to show that they can flex against serious teams while Houston will try to coast into their last seven games – six of which are very winnable.

Big Stinker – Rams at 49ers

What happens when the 28th ranked offense meets the second best defense in the league? We aren’t sure, but we don’t think it’ll be pretty. Even Danny Amendola can’t save you now, St. Louis, I’d sit him and his glass bones until this massacre is over.

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