The NFL Big Five – Week 7

Division matchups abound!

Division matchups abound!

(Photo: Jim McIsaac / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012)

Big Upset

The Lions and the Bears are sitting at opposite sides of the NFC North, which does pretty well to demonstrate the teams’ tumultuous relationship lately (and you know, forever). Last time the teams met tempers flared and sidelines cleared as Matt Stafford got into it with D.J. Moore over the cornerback taking something from Stafford – that being the ball. Chi-town has dominated Detroit lately, taking 7 of the last 8 games. However, the Lions are not that much different of a team from the one that started 5-0 last year, and after a big time 4th quarter win, they might have the steam to overrun Jay Cutler and the Monsters of the Midway.

Big Performance

Despite the possibility of a Jonathan Vilma start (Goodell’s blood is boiling) there is no question that the Saints defense stinks worse than Scott Fujita’s abandoned locker. In fact, their D is sitting dead last in the league, which is why they should be calling Vincent Jackson’s number. Despite only catching four balls last week, the tall drink of water was able to get two of them in the end zone and the attention that gets thrown to the oft-targeted Mike Williams should free up Jackson for looks both long and short. 

Big Flop

Torrey Smith has only caught four passes in his last two outings, so it’s not like he is on fire, but we have further reasons to doubt the deep target’s potential in this matchup. Firstly, the Texan defense is strong. Very strong. Even without Brian Cushing. Secondly, the Ravens numbers fall dramatically on the road. Whether this is due to Joe Flacco’s crippling homesickness or the fact that the Ravens only stay in sketchy roadside motels (it reminds them of Baltimore) we may never know, but it seems like bad news for Torrey Smith regardless.

Big Storyline

The Jets and Pats look miles apart in talent and consistency, but somehow they are tied at 3-3. Mark Sanchez put up a stinker  last week (11-18, 82 yards) but no one discussed it as they managed to breeze past the Colts 35-9. Also at 3-3 are the Bills and the Dolphins. While the ‘phins take their bye, the Bills face the struggling Titans and will probably walk away over .500. But who will join them – the fackin’ Pats or the New York Tebows, who take the long, cold journey to New England this week?

Big Stinker

With two wins between them, the Raiders and the Jaguars win Stinker of the Week. It just goes to show, running backs and bloodthirsty fan bases who scream for the blood of divisional rivals (we’re talking about the Jags fans, of course) don’t win games. Who knew?