The NFL Big Five – Week 8

Do you miss Peyton and Polamalu? We do too.

The new NFL week is here and with it comes chaos. Fortunately,Maximis here to help you navigate these uncharted waters with five predictions that will undoubtedly (or just maybe) come true.

(Photo: Harry How / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012)

Big Upset: Rams Over Patriots

The Rams are technically the home team at Wembley this weekend, but you know what they say – “London makes visitors of us all.” Ok, they may not say that, but any home advantage is truly wiped out across the pond, which makes the Rams’ plight even harder. But “home” and “away” aside, the Rams are a very solid 3-4 team and the Patriots are a very shaky 4-3 team with a knack for giving away fourth quarter leads. If the Pats defense looks anything like it has lately and the Rams can stunt Tom Brady’s no-huddle offense, Jeff Fisher and his ultra-American mustache may make it out of England with a win.

Big Performance: Peyton Manning

I know it seems like easy money to give “big performance” to ol’ robo-neck, but anyone with two eyes and a discarded Tebow Broncos jersey knows that Peyton is not the same as he was; at least not yet. But give the man a soft Saints secondary (and D in general), a game in primetime, and another arm to battle – you’ve got your old Peyton back.

Big Flop: Santana Moss

Moss was a clutch target in the Redskins would-be win at New York last week, but they are walking into a whole different stadium this time around. The absence of Polamalu and the sketchy ankle of Will Allen will probably give RGIII the confidence to try some Mike Shanahanigans against the Pitt secondary. However, the Steelers’ pass rush is going to be a focus and if they can limit the rookie’s time in the pocket, they will likely shutdown the aging receiver as well.

Big Storyline: 49ers at Cardinals

The NFC West has gone from a pitiful cesspool to the most interesting division in football in just two years and Monday night’s game could be important to how it shakes out this year. The 49ers, who have looked really impressive or really mediocre – depending on who you ask, travel to the Cardinals, who have looked totally shitty or really impressive – according to those same groups of people. San Fran leads by a game and if they dominate Arizona, they could make a statement about their place in the division. Hurrah! Some meaningful Monday Night Football!

Big Stinker

Oh, Jacksonville. Remember the good times (last week) when you had one good thing (MJD) going for you? Now you are taking a trip into Lambeau and the prognosis is about fourteen miles shy of good. Is there an NFL mercy rule?

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