NFL Fans Hilariously React to Kevin James Playing Saints Coach Sean Payton in ‘Home Team’

“They made Kidz Bop Bountygate I’m crying.”

That time New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton helmed a Pop Warner football team during his NFL suspension is being given a slapstick treatment in the new trailer for Netflix’s Home Team.

Kevin James stars as Payton in the new movie from Happy Madison Productions, the studio founded by James’ frequent collaborator Adam Sandler.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Two years after a Super Bowl win when NFL head coach Sean Payton is suspended, he goes back to his hometown and finds himself reconnecting with his 12 year old son by coaching his Pop Warner football team.

It’s unclear how Home Team will address the reason behind Payton’s time away from the league. As Bleacher Report notes, the Saints were accused of paying bonuses to players who injured opponents from 2009 to 2011—a period in which the team last won a Super Bowl—in a scandal dubbed Bountygate.

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ultimately handed down the suspension, a moment that’s alluded to in the first seconds of the trailer. Payton reportedly also approved the script and even has a cameo, so it will likely portray him in a good light between scenes of youth football players profusely vomiting on the field and taking multi-score Ls.

James also commented on his immediate interest in being a part of the “heart-warming story” in an interview with People.

“I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of Home Team,” James said. “I didn’t even need to read the script. I was of course familiar with Sean Payton and his story, but I didn’t know he had gone home to coach his son’s team.”

“It’s a great father-son story, which is what I really related to,” he adds. “It’s heartfelt and moving, but with a lot of comedic moments for parents and kids.”

BroBible rounded up some hilarious NFL fan reactions to seeing the Paul Blart: Mall Cop star as a championship-winning coach.

Others pointed out the movie’s apparent feel-good handling of a serious scandal.

Also starring Twilight star Taylor Lautner as peewee football coach Troy, Home Team drops on Netflix January 28.