The NFL Network Accidentally Showed a Bunch of Bengals' Junk on TV


It’s not hard to imagine what goes on in NFL locker rooms after a game. There might be an inspirational speech, lots of dirty laundry thrown everywhere and giant, dirty men getting buck-ass naked. It's the way of the locker room.

That’s why when you conduct a post-game interview, as the NFL Network did after Sunday's Cincinnati Bengals-Buffalo Bills game, you do it outside of the locker room or with your camera pointed at a dude’s locker. Otherwise, BUTTS.

And maybe a dong. We’ll let you inspect the video further (no judgment) and decide how much genitalia is visible at 0:42 seconds. Clearly, the gentleman in question is trying to conceal himself. He’s got the towel around his waist and everything. Hell, he almost falls over trying to take off his pants while hiding his junk. So let’s not blame him if his twig and berries accidentally appeared on screen. He did the best he could.

Let's blame the doofus reporter who set up this shot. This dude works for the NFL Network. He should have known there would be butts and dongs in the shot. In fact, it's all so obvious that it makes you wonder if he did it on purpose. We're on to you, Albert Breer.