The Most Brutal Hit of the 2015 NFL Season Didn’t Happen on the Football Field

Absolutely savage.

Take a look at the photo you see above is of a dejected Tom Brady walking off of Sports Authority Field after the Denver Boncos defeated the New England Patriots 20-18 in Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

Brady should look defeated: Not only were Peyton Manning and the Broncos the underdogs going into Sunday’s game, but we’re sure Brady was hopeful for another championship as vindication after a federal judge wiped out his suspension for allegedly deflating footballs in 2015’s ‘DeflateGate’ scandal. This makes total sense, of course: A championship would have helped put the whole sordid ordeal behind him and remind the world of his natural (and undeniable) talent as a football player.

And this, of course, is a reminder that the most brutal hit of the NFL season didn’t happen on the football field. Below, Indianapolis Colts fans taunt Brady as he exits Lucas Oil Stadium following a game last October:

Yes, Brady’s been legally absolved of his alleged wrongdoing and, despite his AFC loss, he’ll go home to a beautiful model wife and millions of dollars and his incredible record as a quarterback. But this sign’s a nice reminder that even if Brady leads the team to victory in in the 2016-2017 season, he’s got a long road ahead before the country will recognize him for the champion he is.