NHL Mustache Showdown: Parros vs. Gillies

In the spirit of Movember, George Parros and Trevor Gillies duke it out to see who has the most intimidating mustache

Two of the toughest guys in the NHL are also the owners of two of the coolest mustaches in pro sports. George Parros of the Anaheim Ducks, and Trevor Gillies of the New York Islanders have won the hearts of hockey fans for their on-ice fighting skills and distinct facial hair. In 373 career NHL games, Parros has totaled 874 career penalty minutes, while Gillies has accumulated 261 penalty minutes in only 57 total games. Despite being “fighters”, both Parros and Gillies are very active in charity work off the ice. Gillies is known for his work with children’s charities and his Public Service Announcements for the Sophia’s Cure Foundation. Parros is the spokesman for Movember, an annual charity event during the month of November where men grow mustaches to raising funds and awareness for men’s health issues. In the spirit of the charity, we spoke with both Parros and Gillies and asked each of them who had the more intimidating mustache.

George Parros / Anaheim Ducks

When did you first grow your mustache?

I grew out some mustaches back in college for the playoffs and stuff like that, but we never really made it very far so they were kind of pathetic.

Mustaches are allowed at Princeton?

Our coach wouldn’t really let my hair get very long, but anything goes in the playoffs, so that was kind of what I did. Like I said, we never really made it very far, they were always cut short. I always loved the history of the mustaches in the NHL – there’s a rich tradition of them dating back to the 1970’s and 80’s. I always had it on my radar.

The stache you see today really first grew after my first year in the NHL. I was in L.A. and played the whole year and the next summer I grew it out. I was going to Vegas and grew it out to be funny or whatever – I showed up with it at the rink when I got back and our new coach was there, Marc Crawford. He said, “Hey, that’s a great mustache.” I had never met him before and I said, “Yeah, I’m thinking about keeping it for camp.” He said, “You better.” I figured, if the new coach wants me to keep the ‘stache I should keep it. So, I kept it and they cut me.

I ended up going to Colorado (in 2006-2007) and we’d played them once in the preseason, so everyone was excited to meet the stache or whatever. I showed up and was clean shaven – I didn’t want to show up like an idiot with a mustache. The captain of the Avalanche at the time, Joe Sakic, came up to me and asked where the mustache was and he told me that all the guys were really excited for it, so, I grew it back out and it’s been there ever since.

Do you spend a lot of time grooming it?

Sometimes I do, but at the moment I’m letting it grow because I’m going to shave for Movember. At this moment, I’d say it was burly, manly. I haven’t really trimmed it in a while, so right now it’s pretty unkempt. She’s just kind of growing with a mind of her own.

Would you say having a mustache makes you a little more intimidating or tough?

I think so. When I’m clean-shaven, I drop about ten years of age and probably look less intimidating. The clean-cut George isn’t as much of a presence, I don’t think.

Do you think your mustache could beat-up Trevor Gillies’ mustache?

Hmm, interesting. He’s going for the handlebar look, that has a certain aura around it, but I think as far as density, mine wins! He might win on length or surface area. I think I get the edge on density.

Is there a Duck that you make fun of because he can’t grow facial hair?

Corey Perry tends to have trouble. Luca Sbisa tends to have trouble, there are definitely a few guys.

How’d you get involved in “Movember”?

They came to me a couple of years ago and we were kind of a match made in heaven. I was experienced in the art of the mustache and they were excited to get something going. I was more than happy to help for such a good cause and lend my support behind Movemeber. I love working with them, they’re obviously like-minded individuals who love facial hair. As you get older you start to realize that you might have some of the symptoms that you hear about on commercials – I know I do. It can be scary but there comes a time when you have to start getting checked for these things. Obviously the earlier the better, that’s part of what Movember is all about.

Trevor Gillies / New York Islanders

Trevor, last time you were on Maxim.com you were beating up Can Janssen.

That was a good fight: Janssen is a guy that I know and respect, he’s as tough as they come. He’s a great hitter. I’ve hung out with him off the ice a few times and we get along well.

When did you first grow your mustache?

I started doing it when I played in Albany with the River Rats, the Carolina Hurricanes farm club at the time. That was quite a few years ago. My dad has always had a big handlebar mustache and I did it kind of honoring him, to see how it would look when my parents came and visited. I took it off for a few years because the wife doesn’t particularly like it, but then we had a bet in Bridgeport (Islanders farm team) between me and my teammates Scott Munroe and Joel Rechlicz. We tried to see who could grow the best and the longest one. I got called up to the Islanders with my mustache and it became my identity because fans didn’t really know me without it. I’m kind of superstitious and I didn’t want to mess up a good thing, seeing as I’d only had one NHL game by the time I was 30 or so.

Do you spend a lot of time grooming it?

Big time! I go to Mike’s Barber Shop in Oyster Bay (Long Island, NY) and get the hot shave and he trims it off because I’ve been hit in the head too many times and I’ll mess it up, I’m afraid.

Would you say your mustache was tough?

I don’t know. I like it, it’s something different. Obviously Parros has the big porn star stache that is pretty awesome and I didn’t want to copy him. Seeing as my dad has the big handlebar, I just decided to run with that.

Do you think your mustache could beat-up George Parros mustache? I think George thought he had the edge there.

Well, I’ve already had many fights with Georgie and you can go on Dropyourgloves.com to see who has the most wins. We’ll keep it at that.

How did you get involved in “Movember”?

It’s just something that’s cool to do and to raise awareness for prostate cancer. I have (a mustache) and I think it’s sort of cheating. I think Georgie (Parros) shaves his off and that’s kind of cool. He has a pretty good following out there in Anaheim. He’s got the long hair and the stache, but to be honest, I don’t think I’m really going to shave mine off. I may just grow it longer and not really cut it for the month of November. We’ve got some guys with the Islanders participating. I think Matt Moulson is going to grow out a stache and I think Rick DiPietro is going to do it. I think some other teams go all out and it’s awesome that they do.


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